It’s time to get started on learning again…today is the first day of throwing ourselves back into learning together.

Let’s study together, work together, learn together! Lessons on our new video platform start on Thursday this week. On Wednesday everybody will be invited to meet their teacher/tutor and test the platform. Today our youngest students have ideas for activities to do at home loaded onto Tapestry. Students in Year 1 and Year 2 will find activities on Education City for each day from Monday to Wednesday.

From Year 3-Year 6 you have folders of activities in Education City and also additional work set on the ClassDojo page for your class.

From Y7-Y13 Google Classroom is your go to place to find the work that your teachers have prepared for you between now and Wednesday.

Your teachers are working today and happy to help if you have questions.

All of the work set will be checked by your teachers so this isn’t optional work now, it forms a part of your work for this week.

If you think we haven’t given you enough work and you need more just send us a message.

From Y7-Y13 we are in Yellow Week and following our normal timetables. Check Google Classroom for each of your lessons today and make sure you are completing the work set by your teachers.

In Primary you will receive a new timetable that starts on Thursday this week.

I’m looking for a superstar worker to be our inspiration. If you’re working hard and want to be the inspiration to us all tomorrow then send

a photo of you working and a short text telling us what you have accomplished.


The most interesting pictures and comments will feature in tomorrow morning’s ClassDojo post. Welcome back!!


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