Absolute record in the results of access to the university of our students

Last Saturday, July 2, the Graduation of the thirteenth Graduation of the BSA and third of BSX was celebrated, in a very familiar event that was a complete success, thanks to the great participation of all the parents and graduating students, and of all the teaching and management team.

A very emotional official act in which both parents and students made us cry and laugh with performances and speeches that will remain for posterity.

This is a very, very special Promotion: despite all the difficulties encountered in recent years due to the COVID epidemic, the students of the thirteenth Promotion of the BSA and third of the BSX have obtained an average of 8.68 out of 10 in the General Phase, and 12.86 out of 14, which is the highest University Access grade in our history.

The students of this Promotion have accessed degrees such as:

  • Double Degree in Physics and Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering, Informatics, Industrial Electronics and Automation, Industrial Computer Engineering and Robotics or Chemistry and Audiovisual Communication at the UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE VALENCIA, at the UNIVERSIDAD DE VALENCIA to do Business Administration, double degree in Business Administration and Law and Medicine.
  • Also to do Pharmacy, Medicine, Law, or International Business or Teaching at the EDEM, ESIC, CEU, European, University of Alicante or Florida University. But they will also access universities in Madrid: IE University, ICADE, Rey Juan Carlos, Complutense or CEU and ESIC Madrid. Others have been accepted at the University of Navarra and Salamanca to do Medicine and a double degree in Law and Criminology.

And outside of Spain?

  • 7 Dutch universities have wanted to have our students study among other degrees: Science Program, Global Politics, Psychology, International Business, Maths and Physics Degree.
  • To the USA to do Mechanical Engineering or to the United Kingdom to the University of Lancaster and Sheffield.

Congratulations to all for your results!