Amanda Morales and Daniel Boscá, Winners of the “26th National Mainel Foundation Short Story Prize”

Amanda Morales, a Year 10-II student at BSA, and Daniel Boscá, a Year 8 student at BSG, were the winners of the “26th Mainel Foundation Short Story Prize”, winning First and Third Prize, respectively, in the Second Category (participants aged 14 to 16).

The 26th edition of the Story Prize for young people “Stories that inspire” revolved around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the United Nations strategy to combat poverty from 2015 to 2030, and had as its theme “The world you want”.

Students from ESO and Bachillerato could submit a story in story format with the intention that it would help others, act as a springboard to positivity and fill them with energy.

Congratulations to our students Amanda and Daniel for their great work!

Here are their winning stories: