Australian Gourmet Day

During the school year we dedicate one day a month to discovering the gastronomy of other places in order to introduce our students to other cultures and to the habit of trying new flavours. This is what we call our monthly “Gourmet Day”.

On this occasion, we started our gastronomic appointments by visiting Australia, the largest country in Oceania and where you can find a great diversity of habitats (from rainforests to deserts) and a great variety of species of flora and fauna that make it a true natural paradise.

Australian cuisine is a mix of different origins, reflecting its multicultural historical past: indigenous, British and Irish, Asian and Mediterranean. Typical dishes include barbecued meats, vegetables, crustaceans and some native spices and animals, such as kangaroo and macadamia.

In today’s menu the students and teachers were able to taste:

  • Australian summer salad
  • Australian-style fusilli with ham
  • Courgette slice (Zucchini slice)
  • Organic yoghurt

A sample of the variety of Australian food, which we were all able to sample and enjoy.