Baccalaureate Students Receive their Results of the January 2022 Convocation

The results obtained have been very satisfactory for the students, for the teachers who have been mentors all this time and, of course, for the School, which could not feel more proud of their achievements.

Our most sincere congratulations to the Baccalaureate students of the British School Alzira and British School Xàtiva, as well as our admiration, since they have had to deal with a situation totally beyond their control and they have done it in an extraordinary way, adapting to all circumstances. that have surrounded the pandemic, and making the most of their potential to obtain these magnificent results.

Extraordinary job guys!!

It has been a very special day for everyone, in which, of course, Franc Corbí could not be absent; added to the tremendous pride, he wanted to dedicate a letter to all those who have obtained extraordinary results.