Book Fair 2022

As every year, our first Book Fair of the academic year 2022-23 is held in Autumn. 

Our Book Fairs provide an opportunity for families to purchase books in English at home.

As a school we take this opportunity to enrich our libraries and keep them up to date by purchasing the latest titles and most popular authors so that we can offer the best books to our pupils.

This event is framed within the pedagogical objective of encouraging the reading habit and the enjoyment of reading in an enjoyable way. 

Our pupils have a wide variety of titles available for purchase at these fairs, all of which are imported from England and are recommended for pupils on the British curriculum.

Pupils visit the fair, set up within the school grounds, accompanied by their class and teachers during the school day, so that their teachers can help them choose a title/titles suitable for their age group. 

It is a great opportunity for them to choose books to enjoy this Christmas and not only maintain, but develop their reading skills and passion for reading.