British School Alzira hosts the XXXII Conference of the ACADE Excellence and Innovation Club

ACADE’s Excellence and Innovation Club held its 32nd Conference on 17th November, this time dedicated to the sharing of Best Practices, at the British School in Alzira (Valencia).

The following workshops were offered during the conference:

Workshops 1

  • Workshop 1: Neurodidactics, the trend that is changing education.
  • Workshop 2: Britishness, how to teach English? Teaching Phonics in the Early Years.

Workshops 2

  • Workshop 3: Use of digital educational platforms and to improve school-family communication.
  • Workshop 4: Leadership & Teaching Quality Control.

According to ACADE, British School Alzira was chosen as the venue for this workshop because we are a leading centre in this type of teaching, we successfully use active methodologies, we have implemented digital platforms in a very efficient and satisfactory way for the educational community and we have effective management systems that allow us to deploy innovative initiatives which, with a highly qualified and committed team, are producing excellent results.