British School Xàtiva is proclaimed winner of the Challenge 20/30

The “20/30 Challenge” is an event promoted by the Universidad Europa de Valencia (UEV) and ACADE (Association of Autonomous Private Education Centres).

This challenge is an activity designed for students to show their teamwork skills, creativity, innovation and awareness of global citizenship through the resolution of global problems through the UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals.

Students approach solving the challenge set by the organisation in the most creative way possible. The dynamics of the challenge allow them total freedom of action and thought: they must agree on points with the team, develop a resolution strategy, design, test, try out solutions and think of the “final solution” to be presented to the jury.

Every year our schools achieve very good positions in the National results, but this year, our Year 13 BSX students, led by Miss Andrea García (their Economics teacher), have been proclaimed winners of the 2030 – 2022 Challenge.

Congratulations champions!