BSA – Christmas Festival

Last Tuesday 20th December was the BSA Christmas Festival, inspired by the fantastic story of “Alice in Wonderland”.

The protagonists were the pupils of Pre-nursery to Year 2 and Funky & Ballet pupils, with the collaboration of Carla Díaz in the role of Alice. 

It was an afternoon full of magic, where fantasy and reality were mixed thanks to the 3-sided projections that were used on this occasion, and where all the characters made us smile, believe and dream with their magnificent performances.

Everything went brilliantly thanks to the great teamwork of our sound and lighting technicians and our maintenance team who turned the spaces into authentic fairytale landscapes, our choreographers and teachers who invested so much time and effort so that everything went perfectly, our costume team who made us get completely into the story and, of course, our children, who did an extraordinary job cheering us up with their dances and performances.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!