On Friday we received the inspectors of the British system at the British School Gandia to carry out the mandatory inspection of the School.

We are pleased to inform you that the result of the inspection has qualified the British School Gandia as OUTSTANDING. This assessment is the highest possible recognition of the quality of a British center and is an unusual recognition to obtain in the system.

The inspection has supervised different areas, from kitchen, maintenance, cleaning, Covid measures, and above all the classrooms, the teaching-learning process, facilities and material used. They rated both the teachers and the assistants with a “General Outstanding”, indicating the student/staff proportionality as excellent. The inspectors recognized that the teaching assistants were deployed effectively and contributed positively to student learning. The involvement of the teaching staff, as well as its methodology, was evaluated as cutting-edge and highly effective. Regarding the pedagogical team, it was identified that the School has a very strong team in terms of special educational needs. They also commented on the positivity of C-Rich, our curriculum enrichment innovation.

In addition, they have exceptionally highlighted the management and leadership area (Directors, Principal, Heads and Coordinators), the student learning area and the magnificent command of English of the students from Pre-Nursery; the latter surprised the inspectors not only by understanding English but also by responding with coherent sentences. The excellent level of English was highlighted in each Year, recognized as higher than the level that the inspectors expected to see.

The report highlights the quality of the food and the great work of the Administration and Services team, the equipping of resources and educational spaces and the atmosphere of the School in which they describe it as a “Happy Big Family”.

We take the opportunity of these lines to convey our most sincere congratulations and pride in the work carried out by the entire human team that makes up the British School Gandia, since their dedication and professionalism have earned the School the highest award in the system. British granted to a minority of centers in Spain.



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