Chess Tournament Summer 2023 at BSA & BSX

This month the Summer Chess Tournament was held at BSA and BSX. 

On this occasion a total of 69 students from Alzira and Xàtiva participated.

In each tournament the top 3 were awarded trophies and all received a certificate of participation.

The referees were David Cebolla, María Guerrero and Anna Cebolla.

The organisers would like to thank everyone for their participation in the tournament and the cooperation and help of Mrs. Pierce and Javier Sanchis, which has been fundamental for them.

Here are the results of the tournaments:

KS3 BSA Tournament – 16 June – 41 participants.


  1. Eloy Marí Soler (Y8).
  2. Shifan Chen (Y9).
  3. Ferran Fuster Blesa (Y7).

KS4 & KS5 BSA Tournament – 19th June – 11 participants.


  1. Anna Cebolla Ruiz (Y10).
  2. Artur Sergeev (Y11).
  3. Hugo Castelló García (Y11).

BSX Tournament – 20 June – 17 participants.


  1. Sergi Tudela Tomas (Y10).
  2. Pascual Canet (Y12).
  3. Josep Mira Llàcer (Y10).