David & Anna Onion 2 extraordinary “pieces”

Anna Cebolla , a student at the British School of Alzira, and current sub-14 autonomous chess champion, was summoned by the FECV (Federació d’Escacs de la Comunitat Valenciana), to represent the Community in the ‘Championship of Spain for Autonomous Selections’ , held in Gijón, Asturias. Anna had a great individual performance, being the team’s top scorer. The selection achieved the tenth position of the tournament.

This summer the national under-14 chess championship was also played in the small Granada town of Salobreña. Tournament that Anna Cebolla could not miss, attending invited by the FECV. His performance was again excellent, achieving a position in the final ranking 50 places above his initial ranking. He played a total of 9 games against U-14 players from all over Spain, getting 4 points and playing at a very high level. Anna had a chance to be among the top 3 in Spain until the last moment.


On the other hand, his brother, David Cebolla , played in the Spanish under-16 championship. David ended up occupying a good position in the final ranking, improving his initial ranking by 45 places, and playing very difficult games against the best players in the country.


Standing out in such a complex, strategic and technical game is almost a gift that is followed by hours of dedication, persistence and improvement; It is for all this that we feel tremendously proud of them. His determination, skills, perseverance, predisposition and incredible gifts make his worth undeniable in this world of black and white squares. Without a doubt, these brothers have become our references, our King and Queen of chess.

Congratulations on all your achievements!!


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