Discover our changes and improvements to our school dinner service

  • Our school dinner service is unique in Spain and has won awards and nationwide recognition as well as positive feedback from our pupils, for conceiving a high-quality gourmet school canteen. However, we have been working over the past months to further improve this service.
  • We intend to offer Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form students in BSA and BSX a new service during the first term; high quality morning snacks. A new space will be installed in the outdoor area opposite the main building, similar to a cafeteria or food truck where students will be offered two different options for snacks each day, such as a baguette, sandwich or wrap, giving them a wide range of quality food during their breaktime in the morning.
  • Our BSG students continue to grow in age and each year we reach a new year group… so in the future they will be able to enjoy the same service.
  • This will allow families the option to comfortably offer their children a snack made with freshly baked bread and appetising and fun fillings designed to complete a varied and healthy diet. We will provide you with further information as soon as this new service is launched.
  • We will also update the image of our dining halls by creating new designs, including new decoration with plants and updating the serving lines.
  • Our Chef Pavel Stornik will work along with Chef Ángel León when designing our school menus. Ángel León’s restaurant “Aponiente” received 3 Michelin stars, and he will enhance our menus with seafood and exclusive recipes that will be served on special gourmet days. 

Cheff Pavel Sotornik

Cheff Ángel León

  • Our Sixth Form students will be able to enjoy having two choices for their second course, where the nutritious value will be maintained in order to guarantee quality food while also being able to opt for different culinary approaches.
  • In addition, during the first term, all the steel trays will be replaced by lightweight trays made of a material that retains heat much better and with an attractive design. Sixth Form students (and later Year 10 and 11) will be able to eat using the new tableware designed exclusively for the school.
  • We are going to promote healthy high-quality food among our students by organising a number of competitions for the whole family to enjoy with surprising prizes. We have named the competitions “Culinary Prize” or “Gastronomic Illusions”.