Entrepreneurship in Year 12!

At British School Alzira, we are proud to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of our students. Today we want to share an inspiring story of three Year 12 students, Guillermo Corbí, Marc Joel Forné and Hugo Castelló, who have brought to life their own fashion brand: Stylish T-shirts!  🎨💫

These young creatives have shown that passion and vision can lead to amazing results. They started at the end of Year 11 designing unique T-shirts that reflected their creativity and personality, and it was a resounding success! ✨

But they didn’t stop there. Ambition and a desire to grow led them to expand their offerings – now you can also get caps and hoodies with their unique designs! 🧢👕

The most exciting part of this story is that they created it all themselves, from the designs, to the website, and even the payment gateway…

All of this is available online. They have created their own sales platform, which has allowed them to reach a global audience and share their passion with people all over the world. 💻🌍

These young entrepreneurs have shown that there are no limits to creativity and entrepreneurship – we are sure this is just the beginning of an amazing journey for them!

If you want to see their designs and support these talented students, visit their website thejakabrand.com and discover their stunning creations – you never know when you’ll find your next favourite garment! 👚🧢👕

Guillermo Corbí: He is the brain behind the logistics and online sales management. He has created the website, the payment gateway, manages the orders with the logistics platform, and is also the creator of new product designs and ideas. His ability to take the brand to a global audience is truly admirable. 

Hugo Castelló: This student is a creative genius of brand ideas and projects, such as the “Community Group” and “JAKA Community Affiliate System”. He is the one who passes the sketches to the manufacturer, ensuring that they are perfect. 

Marc Joel Forné: The passionate visionary! He is the one who came up with the original idea. His creative ideas have been key to the success of his brand. The conception of the idea for the brand’s best-selling models, “JAKA Ice Penguin” & “JAKA Summer”, was a springboard for this project.

Together, this dynamic trio has shown that teamwork and passion can lead to extraordinary results. We applaud their dedication and entrepreneurship, and wish them every success in this and their future projects.

If you would like to support Guillermo, Hugo and Marc, visit their website thejakabrand.com thejakabrand.com or Instagram @thejakabrand, , and discover their fantastic and original designs.

We’re sure you’ll want to have one of their creations in your wardrobe!