Find out what’s new in our curricular subjects: French in Primary and “Oratoria” (speech skills) in KS4


A few years ago, French was introduced as a compulsory subject in Secondary, as it helped students to graduate with a good level of English and French as a language foundation.

Last school year, we extended the subject of French to Year 5 and 6 pupils, and it was a great success, so this year we would like to extend it further.

French is now a compulsory subject from Year 3 onward.  

Oratoria (speech skills):

We believe that knowing how to debate, reason and speak in public is a very good tool that allos students to increase their self-confidence.

The British Curriculum already promotes this skill, however our aim is provide further reinforcement in this area through the new workshop called “Oratoria” for KS4 this year.