First National Acade Award: Innovative Educational Spaces

ACADE awards the British School Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandia Group the first prize at a national level in the VIII Education and Freedom awards in the category of innovative learning spaces



We have always wanted to make our Schools a place where our students feel comfortable, protected, loved and welcomed. A place where they can feel free, can express themselves, where they can develop their personality… a place where emotion is the vehicle of motivation in their learning.

Our Schools are not just buildings, but spaces that come to life the moment each and every one of our students enters in the morning.

We are aware that it is in the classroom where the magic happens, but we know that it is in the minds of the students where the magic resides. Our mission is to continue working every day to offer the best, the different, the innovative… with the purpose of seeing our people grow within an environment according to their needs, their expectations, and their desire to learn every day.

From the British School Alzira, Xátiva and Gandia Group, we would like to thank ACADE for granting us this award, and of course, we will continue to innovate in all areas so that our students can continue to enjoy the educational excellence they deserve.

Let the magic continue!!

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