Some of our students are now in Tauton, England, being part of an exchange program that the school carries out together with Kings College.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the language they have been studying for so long, as well as soak up British culture and visit some of the most important cities and monuments in the area where the destination center is located.

They are having a great time!

This is a short summary that one of our students sent us: “We have gone to see ancient Roman baths. In them, and with an audio guide, we have learned about the incredible Roman engineering in this type of buildings. We have walked through the city and visited the museum house of the writer Jane Austin, author of books as Pride and Prejudice. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with the Headmaster of King’s College. With him we took “tea and biscuits” in a room that seemed taken from a movie. One of the British students delighted us playing the piano and accepting requests, such as playing the anthem of Spain and Valencia; spontaneously we all began to sing it.

A great day and a great experience.”


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