Franc Corbí at the Madrid Schools and Nursery Schools Conference with ACADE

On 12 May, ACADE held the Conference of Private Schools and Nursery Schools in the Community of Madrid, aimed at school owners and directors, which was attended by around one hundred professionals.
The meeting began at the Base school with a welcome from the president of ACADE, Juan Santiago, and Manuel Bellón, general director of the centre.  Afterwards, the methodologies followed by the school in its different educational stages were presented, where the Neurodidactics programme is of crucial importance.

Early Childhood Education

The meeting continued at the European University with the representatives of the infant education centres coming together.
After lunch, the President of ACADE, Franc Corbí, First Vice-President of ACADE, and Ignacio Grimá, Second Vice-President of ACADE and President of ACADE’s Infant Education Sector, spoke.

The session analysed the outlook for the private education sector in the final stretch of this academic year and for next year. Next, Antonio Montero Alcaide, Education Inspector and lecturer at the Faculty of Education Sciences in Seville, addressed the keys to the LOMLOE and its impact on ESO in his speech.