“II Culinary Prize” British School Alzira, Xàtiva & Gandia

After the successful participation in the first edition of the Culinary Prize in November-December 2022, we are launching the second edition of our cooking prize.

This initiative is aimed at all Infant, Primary, Secondary and 6th Form students of our school.

Participants will be challenged to create a recipe with the theme of “The Best Healthy Snack”.

As a novelty, in this edition the authors of the 10 finalist snacks from each school will be the candidates to participate in our “BritishChef” competition, which will be held during the Founder ́s Day in each school (3rd June in BSG and BSX, and 10th June in BSA).

The 10 finalists from each centre will participate in the BritishChef competition, in which they will have to make a snack (of their choice) from 8 basic ingredients.

The prize for the winners (one winner per school) will be a professional chef’s apron with the winner’s name engraved on it, and a matching chef’s hat.

Let’s enjoy cooking!