June Health Workshops for Year 7 & Year 9 pupils

During the month of June the last Health Workshops of the year were held by the Nursing Department together with the School’s Psychopedagogical Office.

On this occasion several topics have been covered: First Aid Workshop for Year 7 and Advanced First Aid for Year 9, and Sexual Affective Workshop also for Year 9 pupils.

In the First Aid Workshops the pupils were able to learn how to identify the different types of accidents, what the chain of survival consists of, the correct use of the 112 number, the lateral safety position, the practice of the CPR technique and how to act in the event of choking.

In the Sexual Affective Workshop, the aim is to inform students about the stage of human development they are currently in, in which the body matures reproductively, which represents certain doubts, sensations, experiences, etc…

At the school we believe that it is essential to properly inform students about all these issues related to their health, so we will continue to look for topics of interest for the welfare of our students.