María Guerrero and David Cebolla winners of the “18th Experimenta Fair” at the University of Valencia

The 18th Physics and Technology Experiments and Demonstrations Competition 2023, organised by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia (UVEG), was held on 2nd April at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum with the aim of bringing science and technology closer to the general public, especially involving the younger public.

The secondary school students who participate prepare STEM projects which, once analysed, are exhibited and explained at a fair open to the public, highlighting the relationships between natural phenomena and the technological applications that surround us, i.e. between physics and technology.

This year María Guerrero and David Cebolla, BSA students, have won the First Prize in their category (Physics Demonstrations and Experiments – Baccalaureate), consisting of a financial prize of €300 and gifts in the form of scientific material.

María and David together with their tutor, Mr. Lacomba, presented a project called: “Michelson’s interferometer”, elaborating this explanatory video:

There they had the opportunity to explain and present their project during the whole morning in front of a large and varied audience: family members, visitors, UV students, teachers of the UV and institutes, and even the dean and the vice-rector.

A jury made up of UV professors specialised in the fields of physics covered by the experiments evaluated each participating group, and our students María and David were the winners of the First Prize.


Summary of the event published by UV:

Awards ceremony (minute 45:30):

Award winners: