Master Class taught by Franc Corbí

The Vice President of ACADE D.Franc Corbí reflects on the British educational system in a master class in the Master in Ed. Bilingual celebrated by the CEU university.

This Saturday, January 9, the students of the Master in Bilingual Education of the UCH-CEU University together with Unimel Education have had the pleasure of attending the presentation of Mr. Franc Corbí Ramón, current vice president of the Acade and prestigious director of the British Schools in Alzira, Xativa and Gandia. With decades of experience in the field of teaching, Mr. Corbí is today one of the most relevant authorities in the education sector at a national level.

At the conference, which took place at the Colomina Palace at 9:00 a.m., Mr. Corbí shared with the students of the Master the essential values that are distilled from the British educational system; Among them, it is worth highlighting the lesson of learning to excite the student, since an excited student is an involved student who becomes a participant in his own academic progress.

Likewise, this sense of autonomy must be consistent with a sense of belonging and pride with respect to the educational center, as can be deduced from the motto “Being British” adopted by the British Schools of Alzira, Xàtiva and Gandía.

After the intervention of Mr. Franc Corbí, a round of questions was held in which the students of the Master’s in Bilingual Education shared their concerns regarding their future work as teachers in bilingual centers. In response to these questions, Mr. Corbí conveyed to the conference participants the essential message of making an effort as teachers to get to know the students and to learn day by day, because the moment we think we know everything, we will stop evolving as professionals.


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