Polynesian Gourmet Day: our gastronomic offer for May

This month, as part of our “gastronomic journeys” we get to know a bit more about Polynesian gastronomy.

Polynesia is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. They attract thousands of tourists every year thanks to their paradisiacal landscapes and their rich and exotic cuisine.

Their recipes are a mixture of different cultures that converge in their lands and the characteristic Polynesian flavour, full of natural products and different spices that achieve a rich, varied and fresh mix of flavours.

Our students have been able to taste several dishes based on this philosophy, such as: Tiki salad, “Sapa Nui” (noodles with vegetables and soya) and Polynesian style chicken, with a sauce that combines sweet and savoury flavours, which everyone loved.

We continue to explore the flavours of the world thanks to our gastronomic days. What will be the next stop?