School Trip for Nursery, Reception & Year 1 pupils: Farm School “Mas de Xetà” (Llutxent)

On Monday 12th June, Nursery, Reception and Year 1 students from BSA, BSX & BSG went on a trip to the “Mas de Xetà” Farm School in Llutxent, together with their teachers and assistants, where they were welcomed by specialist monitors from the Farm. 

They carried out various activities such as: collecting eggs from the hens, taking the geese out to graze, visiting the horses stables or going up in a cart and enjoying a nice walk to observe the landscape and the vegetation. 

On this excursion they became farmers for a day and were able to enjoy contact with different types of animals, as well as learning many things about them, their care, their food and the rural environment in which they live.

They all enjoyed this great experience and left us with some beautiful pictures like the ones below.