Solidarity Day 2022

Today 22nd December, the last day before the Christmas holidays, we celebrated a special day in our schools:

  • We have been collecting items for La Casa de la Caridad de Valencia through the contribution of non-perishable food, cleaning and hygiene products, etc….
  • We have sold Christmas Decorations made by our students.
  • We have sold bracelets and other decorative items made by our Year 5 BSA students.
  • Today, all the students who wanted to, came to school with a Christmas Jumper.
  • All the proceeds from the sale of the Christmas Decorations and other items will go to BLUE EYES “The Charity volunteer for children”, a small charity in the UK. a small charity in Vietnam that is dedicated to defend and protect the rights of children and women of their community and any other ethnic minority (no distinctions, helping anyone in need, whatever their ethnicity).

We hope that with education and this kind of actions, we can transmit to our students what solidarity is.