The “B”ritish side of history

When before holidays, quarantines and lockdowns,
dreams, fears and joys come together in the same place, you consider that place as a safe place, a place worth being in, a place where despite everything, you have and draw strength to preserve.
And it is that the uncertainty, the rumours, the truths, the reality and the fears, are only alleviated with one sensation, and that is that of being in the right place with the people to what do you want. We have been here today; where colleagues, friends and family meet day after day.
We close with the security and love of having done things well, with the firmness that we have maintained normality for those who deserve to have it, and with the certainty that our doors will open sooner or later to welcome us more eagerly than expected. we could never imagine.
We close the second quarter as best we know, with the biggest of our smiles… ours.

See you soon British family!


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