“The Great Fire of London”, Topic day for Year 2 pupils

Year 2 pupils have been studying the topic “The Great Fire of London”, so we have celebrated Topic Day in relation to this topic and the pupils have had the opportunity to feel as if they were citizens of London in 1666.

On this exciting day they have carried out different activities:

  • They have prepared and baked in class some typical British snacks, such as “Flapjacks”, which they have been able to eat at snack time.
  • They recreated the fire memorial “The Monument” using plasticine models. 
  • They have recreated the Great Fire of London through a collage and also using the models that the pupils have made as part of their homework project to represent the burning city.
  • They have learnt to sing the song “London’s burning” and play it with their flutes.

As always in Topic Days, the pupils have been able to come dressed up in costumes or with accessories from that period in order to get even more into the story. 

Learning by playing is a great tool for students to remember better the contents they learn in the classroom thanks to their own experience.

You can see all the images in the following link: