The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree is a wonderful initiative in which the British School Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandía Group participates in collaboration with Save the Children and Cruz Roja. 

The project consists of children in poverty writing in their own handwriting a letter with their wish in the form of a gift. This gift can be given by the families and staff of the British who wish to make them happy by receiving their only Christmas present, their “dream”.

To do this, three Wishing Trees were placed in the Reception area of each school, and 10 balls were hung on each tree (each ball corresponds to a letter from a child, with their wish) and everyone who wanted to participate took one of the balls, also obtaining the letter written by the corresponding child expressing their wishes in order to fulfil them in the form of a gift that had to be deposited under the same trees.

Such has been the success of participation that we have sold out of balls in the first few days, and the trees are full of gifts for those children who need them so much!

This only confirms that at British School Alzira, Xàtiva & Gandia we are one big family in solidarity. 

Thank you very much to everyone for taking part and helping to make so many children happy!