Third Season on TV of Escuela de Padres, presented by Franc Corbí

It is a pleasure to present the third season of Escuela de Padres TV where we approach in a close way the usual problems that families have to face in the education of their children. Doing this television program with the prestigious and admired JAVIER URRA is more than an experience. Every word of Dr. Urra feeds, fills, inspires and guides.

We are going to deal in 6 programs with issues such as bullying, adolescent mental health, how to educate your adolescent son or the use of devices and social networks.

Once again I propose that television, this time in streaming, serve much more and much good.

Thanks to the sponsors for supporting, thanks to the schools for wanting to show their best innovations in the program, thanks to the production company rds television and all its fantastic human team and to Iñaki Vechreague, its producer and manager, for betting on a theme on television like education and for trusting me to direct it. Thanks to the employer associations ACADE, CECE and FERE for publicizing the program.

This program is for dads, moms, teachers and anyone who wants to enjoy a good time to know how to educate on the most complex issues.

Registration is free and gives you the right to view each chapter that will be added week by week.

Please enjoy each program. With my best intention to continue contributing to education in this country, here I leave the first chapter…”Mental health of young people after confinement”.

Franc Corbí