Urban art in the BSX facilities

At British School Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandia we are always trying to improve our facilities to make them practical, innovative and beautiful for our students. That is why on this occasion we wanted to decorate one of the walls of British School Xàtiva with graffiti by the Valencian artist Nacho Ballester, who has been able to reflect our way of seeing the school as a big family.

Nacho Ballester has a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a degree in Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts from the Peris Torres School of Design. His work is influenced by the pictorial avant-garde of the 20th century and the Pop and Underground culture. The rhythm that is generated in his paintings is a legacy of his career within the more traditional graffiti, which he has been doing since the early 90s, mainly in Spain, but also in major European cities and New York. Over the years, his creative restlessness, together with constant experimentation through the use of different techniques, concepts and supports, have led him to discover new and suggestive expressive languages.