We continue to train our students

“The school calendar must be extended so as not to deprive students of continuing their academic training”

Franc Corbi

The vice president of the Spanish Association of Autonomous Centers for Private Education (ACADE) Franc Corbí, has pointed out in the program “El Intercafé” that “Legislators in educational matters should extend school calendars in the face of the coronavirus crisis, since this situation of uncertainty deprives students of being able to continue with their academic training.”

And it is that comparing the different educational systems, Corbí has indicated that “despite the fact that there is a standardized calendar with all educational systems, private education has the capacity to offer extra solutions, for which we consider it necessary to extend the school calendar”

In this regard and asked in “El Intercafé” of Intereconomía Valencia about the possible early termination of the 2019-2020 academic year due to the Covid19 crisis, the vice-president of the Acade has indicated that “The student not only will not benefit from this hypothetical situation, but he may have a double problem”.

And this is due – Corbí points out – because we can find students very dedicated to leisure if schools are closed, which becomes a very important problem for families whose members continue to work in companies that remain active during the health crisis.

Likewise, the vice president of Acade has referred to the different ways of continuing to provide continuous training such as telematics, which he considers “If it is exercised properly, it does not have to be considered a loss of learning level, since it can be developed if the media, students and teachers adapt to the needs”.

Lastly, and alluding to the possibilities that the next academic year will offer, Franc Corbí highlighted that “We must pay close attention to the different situations of each student after such a complex period, since teaching should not be so linear but a little more adapted to each person. And more so in circumstances as exceptional as the ones we are experiencing.”

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