We Inaugurated our Wonderful “Forest School”

After a lot of research, hard work and creativity from different members of our staff, we are proud to present the BSA Forest School Project located in a woodland area behind the pavilion.

   It is a natural extension of 200m2 with differentiated areas where once a week children will be able to explore and experience many different situations that will surely enhance their learning experience.

We have divided the Forest School into 4 areas:

Gardening and mud kitchen area: In this area children will be able to look after the gardens and see how plants and vegetables grow. They will also be able to use the mud kitchen using their creativity and awakening all their senses, especially the tactile!

 In this area there is a big storage unit which keeps all the necessary resources so that children can explore and perform safely in all of our Forest School.

Assembly area: This is the central area of the Forest School where we will start and end our Forest School sessions. We will share stories, poems, songs as well as reflections based on different aspects of life. We will also hold mindfulness and relaxation exercises surrounded by the best of places which naturally emits chemicals that will make our body release endorphins.

Creative area: This is the biggest area so that children can use their creativity and imagination using all the natural and man made materials at hand. 

Risky area: We have named this area “risky” because it’s the area where children, always with our support and under our vigilance, will be able to assess and take risks at a higher level though different physical challenges.

  We are sure that our children will love this new project and that this will contribute to making our school an even happier place to be in.