Year 12 students of Economics visit the company “NIRVEL COSMETICS”

On the 16th February, Year 12 students of Economics had the opportunity to visit “NIRVEL Cosmetics”, a company with an international profile, thanks to the generous offer of its managers, parents from Xàtiva School.

Nirvel Cosmetics was born in 1979 as a family business dedicated, in its beginnings, to the manufacture of perfumery products, which in its evolution has been oriented towards the universe of hair cosmetics, being the world of hair colouring its main pillar.

From generation to generation, the company has continued to evolve within the cosmetics sector, and is currently present in more than 40 countries on five continents.

Upon arrival at the NIRVEL facilities (Alcoy), the students gathered in the assembly hall where they were given an explanatory presentation of the company by the heads of each department. After the presentation, they were organised in small groups to access the most relevant departments of the company: the production lines, laboratory, R&D department, etc. 

Thanks to this excursion, the students were able to see first-hand many of the basic concepts they are learning in their Economics classes and we hope that it helped them to clarify their ideas about how a company works on an international level.