Secondary Education

11 to 16 years old

The Secondary Education stage is made up of two Key Stages according to age:

Key Stage 3 / 11-14 years old

Key Stage 4 / 14-16 years old

Secondary Education at British School Alzira – Xàtiva – Gandia Group

Secondary Education in the British School Group offers students the possibility of following an intense and balanced study program that allows several options when it comes to learning, training as students, as adults in the future and developing a university career.

Our program is made up of two cycles in Secondary: Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 in which five years are taken in total (from Year 7 to Year 11) and another in Sixth Form (Key Stage 5: Year 12 and 13).

In Secondary specialist teachers teach the specific subjects, carrying out at all stages group reduction in the core subjects to offer quality teaching.

Student Support Program in Secondary

Secondary students have the student support program.