Secondary Education

Ages 11 to 16

The secondary education stage consists of two cycles according to age:

Key Stage 3 / 11-14 years

Key Stage 4 / 14-16 years

Secondary Education at British School

Secondary Education in the British School Group offers students the opportunity to follow an intense and balanced curriculum that allows for various options when learning, training as students, as adults in the future and develop a university career.

Our program consists of two cycles in High School: Cycle 3 and 4 in which five courses are taken in total (from Year 7 to year 11) and another in Baccalaureate (Cycle 5: Year 12 and 13).

In this 2015-16 year, seniors are in Year 9, finishing the KS3 cycle this year; 2016-17 will begin Year 10 and the KS4 cycle.