School Nursing, Security and Medical Assistance British School

Let’s take even more care of your children’s health!

The School Nursing Service makes possible the presence of the School Nurse in the educational center, providing a health reference and immediate professional action when your children need it.

The nurse is available to attend to your daily queries and report on any health incidents that may occur. We have a fully equipped infirmary at the College to provide quality health care.

What is the nursing service in charge of at the College?

  • We provide first health care in case of discomfort or accident, guaranteeing a place and adequate care until the situation is resolved, always accompanied by your nurse.
  • If at any time your child needs to be given medication, the nurse will take care of the management of the medication, as well as its administration, always following the established protocol.
  • Health care and monitoring for students with some type of pathology and/or allergy.
  • Attention and advice to parents on health issues related to their children.
  • Promotion and education for health through workshops and acquisition of healthy habits.

Below you can find more detailed information about this service, as well as the necessary documents to request the administration of medication.

To register your children in the Health Platform, they must access through the following link:

Student health records and authorization for chronic and/or punctual medication