Escuela de Padres – TV Programs

First Season

Program 1

Enjoy Educating

Program 2

Educate without Stress

Program 3

Children and Labels

Program 4


Program 5

Communicate with your Teen

Program 6

Your Children and New Technologies

Second Season

Program 7

Strengthen the Self-esteem of our Children

Program 8

Rules and Limits for our Children

Program 9

Children and Screens: The First Contact with Technology

Program 10

Multilingualism at the Costa Adeje International School

Program 11

Educate with Respect

Program 12

Teens and Technology

Third Season

Program 13

Mental health after lockdown

Program 14

Mom, I’m afraid of a war

Program 15

Mom, I get bullied at school

Program 16

Help! I have a teenage son

Program 17

The fine line between protecting and overprotecting

Program 18

My best friend is my screen