Department of educational psychology, mental & emotional health

Our educational project, psychology, mental health, and the well-being of
students and families all combine to build the foundation of a positive
learning experience.

The Department of Psychology transforms challenges into opportunities. Each student is a universe of possibilities, and the challenge is to nurture their talents and provide meaningful learning that will allow them to find their path.

Together, we create a space where potential flourishes, and success becomes the achieved goal.

Its Action Plan can be Summarized in Four Points:


Help the comprehensive development of students by providing personalized monitoring during the teaching-learning process

Values and Norms

Educate in values and norms , as well as help the student to form an adjusted image of themselves, have a degree of self-esteem and attitudes that show security and entrepreneurial actions.

integration and respect

Cooperate in the process of integration, inclusion and respect for all sectors of the educational community.

World of Work

Collaborate with families and other institutions or associations to contribute to decision-making towards university studies or the world of work .