Intensive Secondary and Sixth Form Course British School Alzira-Xativa

We are writing to you that British School Alzira-Xàtiva offers an Intensive Summer Course for students in Secondary and Sixth Form students who need or want to consolidate their knowledge in subjects such as English, Maths, Science, etc…, The course is designed for students who achieve the following grades:

  • BELOW (KS3).
  • POR DEBAJO DE LEVEL 3 (Year 10).
  • POR DEBAJO DE LEVEL 4 (Year 11).
  • POR DEBAJO DE LA D (Year 12).

The Department of Educational Psychology will contact parents if they consider it necessary for students to take the course. There are limited places available for the intensive course, as it is small and has the exclusive objective of provide support in the specific subjects that the student needs.

Parent evenings will be held during the first week of June for Year 7, 8 and 10, so parents who have doubts about whether their child should attend the Intensive Course can take the opportunity to discuss the matter with their subject teachers.

The registration period for the Summer School ends on Monday 11th June, as due to COVID protocols, we have to confirm bus routes earlier than usual and have stricter criteria for group making, so please ensure you register your child before the above mentioned date as we are not be able to guarantee a place for enrolments received at a later date.

The course is from 28th June to 23th July 2021 and the timetable is from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., The price for the full course is 675 euros (including tuition, school dinners and transport).

The timetable includes the following activities:

  • 5 hours of lessons with personalised timetables adapted to the needs of the students.
  • 1 daily hour of swimming
  • 1 hour lunch break
  • Possibility of 1 or 2 hours of sport per day if previously requested, depending on the subjects to be worked on.


This course will pay a specific COVID fee, for an amount of 20€.

Download the PDF with all the information about what the Covid fee includes:

Download Covid Fee information

To enrol your child, please complete the online form that you can see below or on the next link: (

In addition, a deposit of 200€ must be paid by transfer (Bank transfer: La Caixa ES73/2100/1467/8502/00035367, concept of transfer: student’s full name and “CURSO INTENSIVO BSA-BSX 2021“).

This deposit will then be deducted from the total amount of the course.

Please send proof of payment to the school after making the transfer (

For more information, you can contact us by phone: 902 123 883, or by email:

Form to enroll in the Intensive Secondary Secondary Course 2021

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