Intensive Secondary and Baccalaureate Course British School Alzira-Xàtiva


Dear families, 

We are pleased to announce that this year the Intensive Course will be available at British School Xativa as well as British School Alzira. Therefore, all Secondary and Sixth Form students who wish to attend will be able to do so at the BSA or BSX facilities. 

What is the Intensive Summer Course?

The British School Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandia Intensive Course offers students the opportunity to reinforce, expand and consolidate the contents covered in Secondary and Baccalaureate. 

The course has proven to be very successful for students, since it provides individualized and personalized teaching that is delivered in small groups, where each student has an individual timetable tailored to their specific needs. 

Who can attend the Intensive Course?

1-. The Intensive Course is a fantastic opportunity to consolidate and expand on contents taught throughout the year, with the aim of improving the results to be achieved in the following academic year. Therefore, any student can sign up to the intensive course and benefit from a totally adapted and individualized program of content revision.

2-. New students joining the school: The Intensive Course offers prospective pupils the opportunity to start the school year in September having established the fundamentals of different subjects included in the British Curriculum, an essential requirement to be able to join our school. 

3-. As indicated in the School’s Promotion Policy, students who achieve the following results in the third term must attend the Intensive Course: 

YEAR 7 – YEAR 8 – YEAR 9

  • Working towards
  • Below
  • Insuficiente

YEAR 10 – YEAR 11

  • Level 3
  • Level 2
  • Level 1
  • Insuficiente


  • D
  • E
  • U
  • Insuficiente

Third term reports will be sent home during the week starting June 20th. You will be contacted in advance by the Department of Psychology if the school considers it advisable for your child to attend the Intensive Course to consolidate certain subjects.

Intensive Course dates

This year the Intensive Course starts on Wednesday 28th June and ends on Tuesday 25th July, 2023. The school timetable is from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The timetable includes the following activities: 

  • 5 hours of lessons adapted to the needs of each student to reinforce and consolidate chosen subjects.
  • 1 hour of swimming per day.
  • 1 hour for lunch and rest
  • Workshops: Students will enjoy a range of practical workshops focused on covering curricular content in a practical and fun way (ScienceLab, Debate, Sports, Art, etc.). Workshop attendance will depend on each student’s individualized intensive program and the subjects they need to take resits for. 

Intensive Course Enrolment

The deadline to enroll for the Summer School is Monday 12th June, as groups and school bus lines must be organised by that date, therefore all students must enrol beforehand. Enrolments received after the set deadline will not be guaranteed a place at the school or on the bus. 

To sign up to the Intensive Course, please complete the registration form below.

The price of the full Intensive Course is 620 (tuition and school dinners). This year, the School has also made available to students during the Intensive Course, the new Nursing service, which will attend to any health incident that may occur during the day; the fee for this service is 5€, which will be charged to the account along with the rest of the Intensive Course amount.

The duration of the course (4, 3 or 2 weeks) depends on each student’s individual needs and will be determined by the school’s Department of Psychology. The minimum period to enroll for the Intensive Course is 2 consecutive weeks

1st week:: from Wednesday 28th June to Tuesday 4th July

2nd week: from Wednesday 5th to Tuesday 11th July
3rd week: from Wednesday 12th to Tuesday 18th July

4th week: from Wednesday 18th to Tuesday 25th July

The 4-week school bus service from any town established by the School is optional and available for the additional cost of 85€. This includes the services of a bus supervisor and phone line (a proportional reduction will be applied if the student attends for less than 4 weeks).


Franc Corbí

Executive Manager British School Alzira, Xàtiva & Gandia

For more information, you can contact us by phone: 902 123 883 , or by email :

Form to enroll in the Intensive Secondary and Sixth Form Course of the British School Alzira, Xàtiva and Gandia 2023

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