British School Teaching Staff

The teaching staff of British School Alzira – Xàtiva – Gandia is coordinated by the Centre’s Executive/Management Team. Within the teaching staff of the British School Group there are 3 categories of teachers depending on their functions and responsibilities:

Type of teaching staff at British School

Class Room Teacher

They are responsible for teaching the different subjects in English.

Given the importance of the position, we always have highly qualified professionals who are fully committed to the values of the British School. The selection process for these teachers is very rigorous, and recruits them mostly from England.


They are the teachers who support teachers of Early Years Education and the first two years in Primary.

The support work of the Assistants is essential for learning both individually and in groups. They also perform playground tasks, which allows class teachers to properly prepare for subsequent classes.

Spanish Curriculum Teacher

They are the teachers responsible for Spanish Language and Culture, which includes the subjects of Spanish, Valencian and History & Geography.

The selection process for these teachers is as rigorous as the one carried out with English teachers, requiring a wide and varied experience, as well as an excellent level of qualification.