Summer School British School Gandia


Each year, BRITISH SCHOOL GANDIA’S teaching team design a new program for our SUMMER SCHOOL with the aim of providing fun and innovative learning for your children (from 0 years of age up).

This year, 2023, will be no different, and we will continue to provide a unique, unforgettable experience for our students by including new workshops and activities.

Our 4 week Summer School course will start on June 28th and end on July 25th. The timetable is from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Breakfast Club Gandia

The Breakfast Club service will be available again during the 2023 Summer School at British School Xàtiva.

The usual timetable for Summer School is from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but this service is available from 9:00-10:00 a.m. The Breakfast Club is operative from Monday to Friday and has a minimum number of 5 members who are supervised by an English teacher who will serve them a Breakfast prepared by the school kitchens and also provide games for them to play. 

The price of the service is as follows: 

DAILY (full weeks only)6,50€
The weeks will be considered as full weeks, that is, from Wednesday to Tuesday (the course begins on Wednesday, June 28 and ends on Tuesday, July 25).

These prices include the teacher, breakfast and the material used to carry out the games.

Gandia Summer School Contents and Workshops

Our students will enjoy the following activities during the Summer School course:

  • 3 hours a day of English lessons with native or British Curriculum qualified teachers who will focus on practical use of the language by helping students to improve their spoken and written fluency through speaking and listening skills. All our teachers receive training in our exclusive language immersion methodology that involves learning through practice and games.
  • 1 hour of swimming per day. Students will enjoy a 1-hour SWIMMING lesson each day where they will be taught different techniques that change each week (life-saving, swimming styles, water sports, aquagym).
    • At BSG we have 2 outdoor swimming pools to be used according to age.
    • Lessons are delivered by swimming and lifesaving specialists.
    • Our students are supervised at all times by class assistants during water activities.
  • 2 hours a day of workshops, sports and educational innovation.

We have chosen a new program for our 2023 Summer School, featuring sports, practical knowledge and skills as the main content. Students will enjoy a wide range of experiential workshops specifically designed for their age groups.

SAVE THE PLANET” is the central theme for this year’s Summer School.

A number of age-appropriate workshops have been prepared

Students will enjoy practicing their favourite SPORTS in the school sports facilities, such as: volleyball, football, ping-pong and sport competitions. They will learn both the history and technique of each sport.

We have dedicated an important space to developing creativity through workshops such as RECYCLING ART, where students will develop different artistic techniques using recycled materials. The ECO-COOKING activity where they will experiment cooking using different techniques and prepare interesting “scrap” food recipes. They will compete in BOARD GAMES, play music in the ECO-MUSIC workshop, learn about renewable energy in FUN SCIENCE CLUB RE-ENERGY.

They will also enjoy ADVENTURE TIME (climbing wall, zipwire, water gymkhana and other surprises…) and show their survival skills in SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE, where they will learn how to light a campfire in a controlled setting, how to filter water to make it potable.

All these activities are led by teachers who are qualified in mountaineering and multi-adventure activities, with all the safety measures to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, our  “LEARNING EMOTIONS” workshop will help them to learn to empathize with others through corporative games, group psychology…

Our little ones will be fascinated by our STORYTELLING workshops, with an enormous range of GAMES & GIGGLES, where they will enjoy traditional games.

Our program for 2023 also features technology: the digital workshop entitled SPOT THE PLANET will involve working with audiovisual media.

BSG Summer School Information


The Summer School is a 4 week course (28th June to 25th July).

There are a limited number of places available.

The price of the course with an early booking discount applied is 650€ (for those who enrol on the website before May 15th)[see special offer for students from 0 to 2 years in section 2.3]

This amount includes 3 hours of English lessons per day, activities (workshops, sports and innovative education), swimming, class materials, insurance, gourmet school dinner service and afternoon snack.

The school bus service for the full 4 weeks of the course from any pick-up location established by the school is available for an extra 85€. This includes an accompanying adult and bus phone line.

There is also an option for students to attend tennis lessons in small groups. These lessons are taught by a qualified tennis teacher for the price of 39€ (two lessons per week throughout the duration of the course).

This year the school has started to provide a new nursing service for students, whereby designated staff is available on campus to see to any health-related issues that happen during the school day. The price of this service is 5€ and will be charged to your account along with the rest of the fees.

It is no longer necessary to make an advance ‘reservation’ payment. The enrolment process is as follows:

2.1) Enrolment before May 15th

  • All students who enrol before May 15th will qualify for an early booking discount (650€) [see special offer for students from 0 to 2 years in section 2.3] and have a guaranteed place (as long as there is availability). Once they have completed the online enrolment form, they will receive a brief e-mail from the school office confirming the receipt and availability.
  • The only way method of payment for the course is direct debit through the web portal. For any circumstances other than the one mentioned, please contact the school secretary office. The school will charge the full amount of the course by direct debit during the second half of May to all those who enrolled before May 15th.
  • Free cancellation: students who enroll before May 15th can cancel their enrolment with 100% refund before 9th June.

2.2) Enrolment after May 15th

  • No discounts will be applied to enrolments made from May 15th onward. If there are places still available, the total price of the course will be 690€ without the free cancellation policy (except in proven cases of force majeure approved by the Management)
  • Enrolments made from May 15th onward will be charged by direct debit towards the end of June.

2.3) Special campaign for students from 0 to 2 years of age (born between 2021 and 2023)

This year, students from 0 to 2 years of age (born in 2021-2023) can enjoy the 2023 Summer School at a special rate of just 350€ (this includes English lessons, lunch and afternoon snack from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m., school transport not included)


For organizational reasons, there is a set deadline to enroll for the Summer School. Enrolments will be accepted (according to availability) until Wednesday 14th June 2023; after which the online enrolment form will no longer be available, and possible applicants must contact the school directly to check availability for their children (if places run out before the set deadline, a notice will be posted on our website).

The 2023 Summer School Informative Meeting for parents of enrolled students will be held online on Monday 26th June.

All enrolled students will receive a link to join the meeting on the 15th-16th June, along with confirmation of the time the meeting will be held. Detailed information regarding the Summer School course will be provided during the meeting.

If you have not received a link for the meeting by e-mail before June 19th, please contact the School to verify your contact details.

Please come to collect all your Summer School material from the school on the 20th, 21st and 22nd June. This includes your child’s identification card, lanyard, 2 t-shirts, the school dinner menu and bus timetable (for students who will use the school bus).

For more information, please contact us by phone: 902 123 883, or via e-mail:

Please click the link below to access the enrolment form:

Form to enroll in British Summer Gandia 2023