Franc Corbí Chairs the Annual Nabbs Congress in Madrid

The National President (Adrian Massam) and the national Vice-President of NABSS (Franc Corbí), presided at the opening ceremony of the British Schools Congress together with the UK Ambassador, Hugh Elliot, and the Secretary of State for Education, Alejandro Tiana, where they announced their willingness to sign the Spain-UK bilateral agreement for access to university.
This measure was very well received by the representatives of British Schools in Spain, as it guarantees stability for the students of our schools. At the moment the access to the Spanish University was achieved after the agreement with the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría and Franc Corbí, on 30 September 2021, in which a university extension of the law of direct access for two courses.
This bilateral communication between the two representatives of Spain and England paves the way for the signing of the expected agreement in the coming months.
In addition to the direct access route, the homologation route for university access will remain in force, which, with the application of the new Education Act in Spain, will be done with a homogeneous criterion throughout the Spanish territory and with conditions that will be published by the Ministry next June for its application from 2024, according to the Secretary of State.
“This act of commitment between the representatives of both countries is the first firm step in the bilateral agreement that guarantees access to university for students from the British system. In their speeches, both have publicly stated their total willingness to reach an agreement as soon as possible and we are very happy about that,” said Franc Corbí at the end of the event.

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