NABSS General Assembly

The General Assembly of NABSS (the international employers association of British schools in Spain) once again elected Franc Corbi as Treasurer and member of the National Executive by an absolute majority after 12 years in office.

In the Act that took place during the National Congress from March 1 to 4, Franc Corbi finished his mandate by statutes and re-presented himself together with 2 other candidates, resulting in the support of 75% of the Assembly.

In the Act, both the President and several members of the Assembly praised Franc Corbi’s management in the British sector, pointing out his defense management before the Ministry of direct access to the

Spanish university of the student body of British schools, his representation in the Congress of Deputies for Brexit, the representation in the most important employers’ association of private education, ACADE, of which he is also Treasurer of the National Executive Board and regional vice president, as well such as the achievement of important agreements and

Agreements with large companies that have benefited the sector.

The NABSS Association, which is now 40 years old, had never had a precedent of someone being dedicated for so many consecutive years.

Your renewal of Committee membership will be resubmitted within 3 years,


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