Today we have been able to enjoy the Chinese Gastronomic Day in the school dining room, delicious food accompanied by music from this extraordinary country.
We hope our Summer School students enjoyed this proposal.

Our pupils leave primary school in the best possible way, with those who love them by their side. It fills us with joy and pride to have finally opened our doors to our families, who have finally witnessed the wonderful achievements of their children.

A new challenging journey begins today and we only wish to be able to walk it with all of you as closely as possible.

Welcome to the new beginning of a new stage!



The prize, organised under the slogan “The world you want”, seeks to promote creativity and solidarity among students between 11 and 18 years of age (divided into three categories), encouraging them to write a story inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals.
The jury of the 24th Mainel Foundation Short Story Prize, composed of María Alcantud-Díaz, Director of the Chair of Cooperation and Sustainable Development and Vice-Dean of Internationalisation and Development Cooperation of the Faculty of Education of the University of Valencia; Antonio Egea Vivó, journalist and former delegate of Iberdrola in the Valencia Region; Susanna Lliberós i Cubero, journalist and poet; Pedro Ortiz Simarro, journalist and former director of Las Provincias; and Cristina Celda, director of the Mainel Foundation, announced the winning stories of this edition.

The jury valued the stories not only for their literary quality, but also for the values of solidarity and justice they reflect, and their reflection on the Sustainable Development Goals; with this, the story “La Lengua del Silencio” by our student ANNA ALANDETE has won the Third Prize in the 2nd Category (14 to 16 years old).

We are so proud of you, congratulations!!


The second and final day of the Valencian Community sports games of the season was held in Valencia. The Xàtiva Fencing Club, to which three of our students from British School Xàtiva belong, have obtained great results.


Congratulations boys! Keep up the strength and enthusiasm for the Spanish Championships.


The British School Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandia Group is sponsoring the incredible challenge “No limits in sight” which Javier Vaquero Rivera, father of one of our British School Xàtiva pupils, will face on October.

The event has been postponed, we will keep you infromed when the date approaches. Meanwhile, we invite you to get to know one of the most extreme and demanding sporting events in the world.

Cheer up Javier, the countdown is on!!!


On Friday we received the British School Gandia inspectors from the British system to carry out the mandatory inspection of the school.

We are pleased to inform you that the result of the inspection has qualified British School Gandia as OUTSTANDING. This rating is the highest possible recognition of the quality of a British school and is a rare recognition to obtain in the system.

The inspection has supervised different areas, from the kitchen, maintenance, cleaning, Covid measures, and above all the classrooms, the teaching-learning process, the facilities and the material used. They rated both teachers and assistants as “Overall Outstanding”, noting the pupil/staff ratio as excellent. The inspectors recognised that teaching assistants were deployed effectively and contributed positively to pupils’ learning. The involvement of the teaching staff, as well as their methodology, was evaluated as leading and very effective. In terms of the teaching staff, it was identified that the school has a very strong special educational needs team. They also commented on the positivity of C-Rich, our curriculum enrichment innovation.

In addition, the management and leadership area (Directors, Principal, Heads and Coordinators), the area of student learning and the superb command of English of the students from Pre-Nursery onwards, the latter surprised the inspectors by not only understanding English but also responding with coherent sentences. The excellent level of English was highlighted in every year, recognised as being above the standard the inspectors expected to see.

In the report they highlight the quality of the food and the hard work of the Administration and Services team, the provision of resources and educational spaces and the atmosphere of the school which they describe as a “Happy Big Family”.

We would like to take this opportunity to convey our most sincere congratulations and pride in the work carried out by all the staff at British School Gandia, as their dedication and professionalism have earned the school the highest award in the British system given to a minority of schools in Spain.




Maths Day could not be celebrated as in previous years, however we have done everything in our power so that our students of British School Alzira-Xàtiva-Gandia could enjoy a day full of -Maths Fun- in the classroom.

This was the result…




From the British School Alzira, Xàtiva & Gandia Group we hope that you have had a fabulous day with your family, surrounded by those who love you most, your children. And, as with the plant that you received as a gift on Friday, may you never stop nurturing, watering and protecting the bonds with those who matter most.
Thank you so much for being the courageous mother, the mother who fights, the mother who inspires, the patient mother and the non-conformist mother. The mother who works for the present and the future of her child, our beloved student, and who saw that part of that commitment was ours.
Today has been your day, but we want you to know that at the British School Alzira, Xàtiva & Gandia Group we celebrate you every day.
Thank you, and once again, happy birthday to all our mums.