Discover our new School Dining Room for our BSX students

On their return from holidays our pupils have found a great surprise when they enter the dining room, as we have redesigned the whole room, creating a disruptive environment, with new furniture and decoration that has made it possible for the time they spend eating to be even more comfortable, in a totally innovative school dining room environment that is unique in the whole of Spain.

Secondary and Sixth Form students have a new area with special tables, and Infant and Primary students will be able to enjoy a new play and relaxation area, reinforcing the classroom-dining room concept.

In addition to the innovations in infrastructure, we have also invested in the development of new menus, new kitchenware, and many other surprises that we will be telling you about as they are implemented. We hope that all our students will enjoy their mealtimes even more, both in terms of the variety on offer and the comfort of their stay.

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!