Museum: Year 8 – Prehistory- and Year 9 – Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

We have closed the first term exposing the wonderful projects of the students of Year 8 – Prehistory – and Year 9 – Romanesque and Gothic Architecture – for the subject of Geography and History.

There was so much effort, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and work invested by all the students that we did not want all of this to go unnoticed. For this reason, we created spaces in the central corridor of the School, for several weeks, so that their projects were exposed to the reach of all the students of the School. This initiative attracted the attention of many children who wanted to learn about: weapons, utensils, goldsmithing and sculpture of Prehistory, and many others who were amazed at the models of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

We could not be more proud, our most sincere congratulations to all Year 8 and Year 9 students. We sincerely hope that they continue down this path to continue surprising us this second quarter.

We leave you some photos so you can judge for yourselves!!

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