Pupils in each Key Stage have an Assembly once a week at school. During the term, year groups take it in turn each week to lead our assembly. A schedule is organized to allow all year groups to have at least one turn each term.

The children enjoy their weekly Assembly, as it is an opportunity to talk about their learning and it is always a joy to hear about the learning that has been taking place in class. Therefore we offer the chance of comming and enjoy with us to parents who want to attend.

Thank you so much for making it possible

Thanks to the work of the Primary Student Council, the KS1 and KS2 children are already being able to enjoy some new playground equipment. We now have new skipping ropes, hoops and goals for our students to enjoy their free time. Congratulations!

Some of our students are now in Tauton, England, being part of an exchange program that the school carries out together with Kings College.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the language they have been studying for so long, as well as soak up British culture and visit some of the most important cities and monuments in the area where the destination center is located.

They are having a great time!

This is a short summary that one of our students sent us: “We have gone to see ancient Roman baths. In them, and with an audio guide, we have learned about the incredible Roman engineering in this type of buildings. We have walked through the city and visited the museum house of the writer Jane Austin, author of books as Pride and Prejudice. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with the Headmaster of King’s College. With him we took “tea and biscuits” in a room that seemed taken from a movie. One of the British students delighted us playing the piano and accepting requests, such as playing the anthem of Spain and Valencia; spontaneously we all began to sing it.

A great day and a great experience.”


Hoy, algunos estudiantes del ciclo de KS3 del British School de Alzira & Xàtiva han participado en un torneo de baloncesto entre colegios Británicos de la Provincia de Valencia.

Her story “Save the Planet” has been shortlisted for the final of the regional writing competition organized by Collins Editorial: Big Cat Writing Competition.

We wish you the best of luck!

The Vice President of ACADE, our director of British Schools Franc Corbí, gives a lecture at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

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Mr. Vishal Lakhani, our Primary Physical Education Coordinator, has planned and organized a special day called“Inter-House Team Competition”,a multisport competition for our students from the three schools that will take place in the facilities of British School Xàtiva.

This event offers an ideal opportunity to participate in competitive sports while learning new skills, as well as creating links and relationships with other colleagues in the other schools.

Go team!

Our students from the skating extracurricular wanted to surprise us all at last Friday’s “Assembly”.

Everyone had a great time!