Healthy Habits Workshop for Year 4 pupils

Continuing with our initiative to carry out workshops related to the health of our students, this time our nursing team together with the Psychopedagogical Department have carried out a workshop on healthy habits for Year 4 students.

The lack of physical exercise, poor eating and sleeping habits and the excessive consumption of foods with a high sugar content, as well as foods with added sugar, explain to a large extent the high prevalence of pathologies suffered by children.

According to the World Health Organisation, obesity is now an epidemic. In Spain, the percentage of child obesity is already 18%, while the percentage of overweight is around 23%. This may be influenced by the changes in lifestyles, social and working life that the population has undergone, modifying eating habits and encouraging sedentary lifestyles.

Health Education is a fundamental pillar for children to acquire healthy eating habits, hygiene, sleep and physical activity, so we have prepared a workshop on healthy habits to convey the importance of maintaining good habits in their daily lives.

We hope that our students have learnt a lot about the subject and, above all, that they start to put these tips into practice to improve and look after their health.