Homework related to the British Curriculum

On Monday 12 March, an information session was held on homework related to the British Curriculum.

Having implemented some changes to the format of homework this year, parents were given the opportunity to find out first-hand what we are doing at school, as well as to explain why we have set up homework the way it is. We’ve done it.

The following aspects were analyzed in the session:

  • Homework serves to reinforce and extend learning, every minute counts.
  • Reading : Steps we can take as parents to reinforce reading in a positive way.
  • Spelling : What methodology does the school use to teach spelling?
  • We compare projects with rote learning: What does the school intend to achieve through the project approach to completing homework?
  • The use of digital platforms as an aspect of homework.
  • How does our homework approach relate to other school initiatives? Let’s analyze the ‘Growth Mindset’ ; the way to develop the ability to learn, linking home and school.
  • How much control do parents have over homework?

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