Thalia Salvador, has been admitted to one of the best Universities in the world: HULT

Thalia Salvador, has been admitted to one of the best Universities in the world: HULT


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For those who don’t know about HULT University:

It has two campuses to study the Bachelor: Boston and London. Each year of the degree (4 years or 3 if it is accelerated with summer courses) can be done indistinctly in any of them.

It also has four campuses for additional summer courses, masters, etc, for those enrolled at Hult. They are located in Shanghai, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, as well as Boston and London.













The Boston Campus shares several faculty with Harvard Business School. All teachers are entrepreneurs or employees of multinationals. None of them are dedicated solely to teaching.

In the 2021 ranking of The Economist on MBA it appears in 15th position. The training system is different, with a lot of weight on teamwork and practice.

Among the elite schools of International Business, only 1% have the so-called triple accreditation, and Hult is one of them.

Students have the possibility to use the facilities of EF (Education First) free of charge (EF belongs to the family that owns HULT). For example, in Boston, the gym, the installation of sailboats, etc. are free

Free alumni platform for life

98% leave with a job in companies like Amazon, Levi’s, etc, and the other 2% either go to the business incubator or start a Master’s degree.

When you finish your studies in Boston, you automatically obtain a VISA to work in the US, as well as an expert certificate in Finance, which is normally done separately and is expensive (such as the European ACCA certificate).

Also, at the end, you have 3 years of experience in companies provided by the University.

Long Life Learning: guaranteed enrollment at any campus for specific classes, masters, executive training, etc., for HULT graduates.

Business incubator: Facilities (Shuttle type at EDEM), with all the necessary services and advisors to start a start-up, with zero cost in the first three years for Hultz graduate students

Hult Prize: Prize of 1 Million USD to the best entrepreneurial project presented, which helps to improve the world.


In addition to being admitted to this University, Thalia has obtained 2 scholarships:

Beca ‘Academic Excellence Scholarship’ for their first grades in Baccalaureate (As and Excelents), consisting of $10,000 per year

He has also been awarded the ‘Global Generation Scholarship’ for demonstrating that he has a unique global perspective. This scholarship consists of an additional $5,000 per year.

For us, without a doubt, this news is a great pride, but for Thalia, this is one more springboard, over which she is jumping right now when finishing high school.

When you were little, your parents had a vision to enroll you “in a shuttle”, and now you “have taken a leap to conquer space”. We are sure that you will achieve everything you set out to do.

We hope that in a few years you will see us again, to tell us how well things have gone for you, and how your working life is developing, which we are convinced will be dizzying.

With all our heart, our most sincere congratulations.



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