Which Universities do our pupils go to?

The majority of our pupils can study their chosen university option once they have completed their studies at the British School Alzira, Xàtiva & Gandia.

In the previous promotion (2021-22) the average university entrance mark of our pupils was 12.58 out of 14 points! 

Obtaining a 14 out of 14 points is a fact that happens exceptionally in some cases throughout Spain. 

In our Centres, in recent years, we have found all these students with results of 14 points (out of 14 points) in University Access:

  • Year 2021-22: 2 students (Rafael Pérez, Jimena Cano).
  • Year 2020-21: 4 students (Miquel Borrás, Malena Romeu, María Nacher, Mireia Rubio)
  • Previous courses: 5 students (Juanjo Lledó, Aurora Gómez, Carlos Morant, Sofía Mínguez, Caleb Akhtar)

During this academic year the results are also very positive, demonstrating the high academic level and ability of our students. 

Below are some of the Universities to which our students from the 2022-23 (Year 13) class have been admitted, and of which we are very proud.